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Dental Check-Ups at Premier Dental Center Seguin

Evidence shows the link between a healthy smile and good overall health. The team at Premier Dental Center Seguin understands this relationship and offers services to keep your smile healthy and happy.

We recommend that every member of your family attend regular checkups and cleanings. During your visit to our Seguin dental office, we will carefully examine your smile using both a gentle touch and modern technology that increases your comfort and provides a wealth of information about your oral health. Intraoral cameras give you and the doctor a detailed view of your mouth and bring into focus issues that may be lurking. Digital X-rays emit 90% less radiation than traditional ones, are immediately available for viewing and provide a detailed view of teeth and oral structures.

Oral Cancer & Gum Disease Screenings

An oral cancer exam is an important part of every checkup, along with an assessment of your gums for signs of periodontal disease. We will also evaluate your bite (the way your top and bottom teeth fit together), as well as your jaw function, and look for uneven tooth wear that can be a sign of teeth grinding.

Cavity Treatment & Prevention

We all dread cavities, which is why our team is committed to helping our patients avoid them in the first place. Still, cavities happen and when they do, we’re here to treat them. In most cases, we will treat a cavity with a filling. In some cases, we may have to recommend an alternative treatment option.

Get Started With a $59 Exam, Cleaning & X-Ray

Keeping up with your regular dental cleanings helps make sure you won’t have a big (and expensive) dental emergency later. Our new patients pay just $59 for their first exam, cleaning & x-rays. At this appointment, the hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and give your smile a thorough cleaning. The dentist will then review your x-rays and examine your mouth for signs of gingivitis and other dental problems.

Our Seguin office delivers outstanding dentistry to families in Zipp, Marion, McQueeny, New Braunfels, Geronimo, Kingsbury, and surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Your First Visit to Premier Dental Center Seguin

Our new patient special is a great way to give our dental office a try. Pay only $59 for your first cleaning, exam and digital x-rays.

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